Arabia Essen Welding & Cutting/Tekno Arabia /Tube Arabia 2013
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VENUE: Dubal International Convention & Exhibition Centre, Dubal, UAE
VENUE ADDRESS: Sheikh Zayed Road, Convention Gate P.O. Box 9292, Dubai, UAE
CITY: Dubal
DATE: 7-10 January 2013
ARABIA ESSEN WELDING & CUTTING ¨C International Trade Fair Joining, Cutting, Surfacing - which will be held for the first time in Dubai from 7 to 10 January 2013, is a cooperation between three trade fair organisers, Messe Essen, Messe D¨¹sseldorf and the local organiser, Al Fajer. The event will be supported by the industry expertise of DVS, the German Welding Association, as industry partner.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) are considered to be the most important trade hub between Europe and Asia. Together with Saudi Arabia, this federation of seven emirates in the Persian Gulf is therefore a highly attractive market for international companies and investors in the Arabic world. The UAE are among the most developed national economies in the Middle East, have the seventh biggest oil reserves in the world as well large gas reserves and are among the richest countries worldwide. In addition to their oil business, the UAE primarily live on tourism, trade and the service sector as major elements of their industries. Growth can be observed above all in the energy sector and in the capital-intensive sectors, high technology and tourism.

Dubai is the biggest city in the UAE and one of the two financially strongest cities among the seven emirates. It has developed into an important sales market and a favourable production base with a considerable demand for international welding technology, as Dubai is planning several large-scale construction projects and investments in its infrastructure.

By bundling their expertise, the three organisers are now aiming to establish this industry as a major dimension in the Middle East. Messe Essen has long been a partner of DVS in the planning and implementation of trade fairs on welding and cutting, in Germany and abroad. DVS contributes its expertise to these trade fairs, both in the general planning and in the realisation of the events. Messe Essen, Messe D¨¹sseldorf and DVS can already look back to a long-standing and successful partnership in Russia and India. Further overseas welding shows are BEIJING ESSEN WELDING & CUTTING and BRAZIL WELDING SHOW. Beyond that, for the last six years, Messe D¨¹sseldorf has been working with the local organiser, Al Fajer, on Tekno/Tube Arabia, a trade fair for industrial machinery, metal treatment and tools and machines for the tube industry.

In 2013 this trade fair will be held simultaneously with ARABIA ESSEN WELDING & CUTTING at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre. ARABIA WELDING & CUTTING will ideally complement Tekno/Tube Arabia with its focus on welding, cutting and laminating.

The timing and the circumstances of the premiere of ARABIA ESSEN WELDING & CUTTING could hardly be more ideal.
A platform to tap the region¡¯s manufacturing and allied industry sector

Tekno Arabia, the only specialized and established event of its kind in the Middle East, has helped foster a growth in this field for the past 20 years and the show is offering an ideal platform for companies to gain inroads in the Middle East market.

The Middle East has the largest concentration of energy resources in the world.

Advanced and modern logistics infrastructure coupled with a strategic location between five continents form a winning formula for base metals. From aluminum and steel to special and precious metals, Dubai is the place to provide the entire GCC and Middle East region with base metal products and articles.

Latest discovery of oil field in Dubai shores will be an added boost to its economy and trade.

The development of Dubai Industrial City, a massive manufacturing and industrial complex cover 560 million sq ft of prime land, is expected to boost the Emirate¡¯s position as a regional hub in the sector.

With its easy access to global scientific talent, world-class logistics and supply chain management capabilities, Dubai is set to become a leader in highly engineered machinery and mechanical products.
Robust Oil & Gas industry drives Tube & Pipe sector to new heights!

Additional US$50 billion to be spent by GCC Oil producing countries to increase their current oil field production capacities or to develop new discoveries has truly ignited the tube and pipe

New investments in the Gulf¡¯s pipe, tube and steel industries are expected to exceed $20 billion between now and 2020.

Special focus on Tube & Pipe Industry

The regional pipe industry has been riding a steep demand curve backed by huge planned outlays on O&G infrastructure by most regional governments. According to the IEA, the ME alone will need to invest around USD 18 bn in the next five years in new pipelines and associated infrastructure ensuring high volume to weight ratio.

Total steel pipes capacities in the GCC and North Africa, stands approximately at 1.14 mtpa as of 2008. Saudi Arabia produces approximately 60% of the total regional capacity.

The GCC is expected to add more than 21,000km during the coming five years to its current pipe network, approximately 14% of the global planned pipeline network of 161,000km. The additional pipeline networks in the GCC is expected to deliver a planned demand of steel pipes around 5.3 million tons during the coming five years which is equivalent to USD 7.2 billion.

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